"Salute" for Joe

The word for fireworks show in Russian is “sa-lut”. The neighborhood where my apartment in Kiev is located threw a big party for my return and had a huge fireworks show around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday night. I felt so honored that they would do this for me on my return…

Well, it really wasn’t for me, but never-the-less I was amazed at the huge display just across from my balcony. The first set of fireworks I wasn’t sure where they were coming from, but the second set I found out right away. I watched them from my balcony. It was amazing.

It was probably someone’s birthday and their friends and family purchased a lot of fireworks. I’ve heard that it is illegal to set off fireworks except during special holidays, however, you can purchase them year-round and any supermarket.

It’s been great to see some of my friends, however, I have been so busy putting out little fires that I haven’t seen too many people yet. One brother from Lugansk (who studies in Kiev) came over and helped me move furniture around and clean. He was a huge help.

Now that I have high speed internet, I hope to post more often and also post more photos.