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San Anton…

I’m sure you know by now that San Antonio is my favorite city in Texas (if not America!)…

I had the pleasure of being there again on Saturday.  My friend, Ben, invited me to go with him to the Alamo Bowl.  His mother lives in Austin, so we drove down on Thursday.  On the way, we stopped in Stephenville and ate at Hard 8 BBQ.  My uncle Donald ate there several years ago and has repeatedly told me how good the food is.  After eating there, I believe it must be the BEST BEEF BBQ I have ever eaten.  The brisket and sausage were delicious.

Thursday night we attended Austin’s First Night family party.  In typical Austin flare, it lived up to Austin’s own slogan… WIERD!!!

Friday we spent much of the day watching bowl games and most of  them were really good.  I enjoyed the day…

Saturday, we drove down to SA early.  We had lunch at La Margaritaville.  I hate to admit this, but this restaurant may be taking over the place in my heart for Mi Tierra’s.  Their hot sauce is better, the food tastes better… it was delicious as well!

We walked around the riverwalk for a while.  There were lots of people there.  I am sure the city of SA is happy the Alamo Bowl is in their city!  We attended the TTech pep rally for a while, walked around some more and then went to the stadium. 

The game was extremely exciting even though the stadium has to be the worst in America!  We were on the lower level on the last row, under the overhang.  We couldn’t see any scoreboards, the speakers didn’t work, and the TV screen was tiny.  In spite of this, we still watched a great game and Ben was ecstatic with the outcome! 

I won’t let my feeling about the stadium sway my love for the city of SA though.  It is still one of the best!!!

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