Satellites, Football and Me

While I was in Budapest, I was introduced to a satellite system from England that enables one to watch sports from America. They have a sports channel on the system that is dedicated to sports from the US… NFL, NBA, NHL, College football and basketball and lots of other sports.

It also has FOX News, along with other cable channels you find in the US. There is one downside, it is pretty expensive to set up and then to maintain the monthly fees would cause me to get a second job! Of course, I can’t get a second job and if I could, there would be no sense in getting the system! LOL!

i have written my cable company in Kiev to see if they wouldn’t carry the sports channel to no avail.

I subscribe to Greta Van Susteren’s “Gretablog”. I have written her a couple of times and she has always written me back. However, I wrote her that I could purchase the satellite system and that I would be able to watch FOX News, and jokingly suggested to her that FOX should be happy to pay for the satellite so that they could have another viewer. Well, needless to say, she never replied! (I don’t blame her!)

How great would it be to see the TEXAS- USC championship game, along with other college games that week! Oh, well, maybe I could figure out a reason to be in Budapest again! (Of course, I’m joking…I think!) LOL!!!