Saturday afternoon in Kyiv

Saturday was a spectacular day. I woke up later than usual. After getting some things done around the apartment, I went and washed my car. The weather forecast said it was supposed to begin raining yesterday evening but thus far no rain!

Later I went to the books/music/video market. Most everything there is copied, but there are more videos/dvds/music that are legal copies and a decent price. As I was looking to see if they had any TV series from the US (such as Lost) I heard many people asking for the Da Vinci Code. It was humorous. The movie just premiered in the world and people are already looking for it on DVD! Most of the kiosk owners said to check back in 2 weeks!

After this, I went to meet Max and Olga. I wanted to see their new apartment that is being renovated for them. Of course, when I got there, there wasn’t too much to see since it is covered in dust, etc from the renovations being made. It will be a cozy apartment for them once it is finished.

We went to a couple of stores to look for them a wedding gift. I told them that I knew that that wasn’t usual, but I wanted to get them something that was useful and needed. I remember going to one wedding, and the couple got 4 different tea/coffee service sets. Those are things that can’t be returned, so I guess you keep them and give them to the next couple getting married!

We went to eat dinner, walked along the Dniper river and saw some people walking along the upper part of one of the brigdges that crosses the river. One wrong move and they would have found themselves in the river! Fortunately, I didn’t see anyone fall…

The weather was great, no rain. It was a perfect weather day in Kyiv. Ah, spring is here!