When the war broke out in eastern Ukraine, fake bomb reports happened all over the country causing disruptions in many transportation hubs. Eventually, Borispol Airport in Kyiv installed security at every entrance.

In my 4 month “exile” there in 2014, I remember going to Ocean Plaza mall with a colleague, and as we arrived, we learned the mall was closed due to a bomb threat. This past weekend, I went to that same mall and encountered something new.

I was a taken back a little when seeing the machine. However, numerous countries have been using machines like this for years.

In 2009, while living in Georgia (the country), I drove to Trabzon, Turkey. They had a large mall there, and so as I drove into the parking garage, a security member took a mirror and looked under my car for a bomb. As I entered the mall, I went through another set of security measures.

Unfortunately, I guess this is what to expect in other places in the future as we try to feel secure in traveling.