Shopping in Budapest

Shopping in the city of Budapest is by far ahead of what is available in other Eastern European cities. The area has numerous malls and shopping centers. Just riding around the little I have, I have already seen 5-6 malls. There is one not far from where I am staying. I went there today to get some stuff from the grocery store (it’s like a Wal Mart Supercenter).

I enjoyed going up and down each aisle to see what all they have. I found some Christmas candy in individual bags, so I bought a bag for each of our children in Kiev. Also, they have American peanut butter for almost $5 a jar or a box of pancake mix or the syrup to go with the pancakes for $5 each.

The mall itself is beautifully decorated for Christmas. The stores here are already prepared for Christmas. They celebrate Christmas the same day we do, so it has helped me get in the Christmas spirit.