Shopping in Karaganda

Things have really changed in Karaganda in the year since I left. Last Spring, the largest supermarket closed due to lack of business (it was located right across the street from the central market). Other supermarkets were never too busy and, there was never more than one person standing in the check out line.

Well, this year is a different story. In March, Gros supermarkets opened up a new modern store in a new location and in May the Abzal supermarket expanded and Southern supermarkets opened a new location in an upscale shopping center. Just last Saturday, the Southern supermarket moved out of their old “warehouse” to the very place across the street from the central market where one store closed last year.

What’s even more amazing is how many people are shopping at these stores. My apartment in Karaganda is located closest to the upscale shopping center where Southern supermarket is located. I walked there yesterday to get a few things that I needed. I could not believe the lines at the check out. Of course, I went around 6 p.m. which wasn’t a smart move, but I still didn’t expect it to be THAT busy! However it was!

Things are really changing here. Now, if I could only get them to stock peanut butter and fresh boneless, skinless chicken…