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Shoveling snow…

From Tuesday night and all day Wednesday saw lots of snow fall.  I knew that we had a fairly significant snowfall, but I wasn’t sure how much until Friday afternoon when I had to shovel the entrance into my garage.

I had to put my car into the shop last week to have some body work done.  Since the car needed to be picked up, I knew that I would have to shovel the snow in order to get into the garage.  I was a little shocked by what waited me…

First, the snow was probably at least 18 inches (45cm) deep and had drifts of 2 ft (60cm) in places.  Fortunately, the snow was very light so it wasn’t really difficult to shovel it other than the fact it was 2F above zero (-19C)!  But, when you are doing a little physical work, you tend to warm up and by the time I finished, I was sweating!  Guess it could be my new work out!

There is still about 2 inches of ice underneath all the snow due to the rain we had 10 or so days ago, so I left a little snow on the ground to cover the ice to provide protection.  Hopefully, with the weather promising to get up to 24F on Tuesday, I can break up the ice and clear my drive into the garage.

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