Tuesday saw lots of snow fall in the capital city of Ukraine. Lots of snow! It snowed all day, at times very heavy.

I had two appointments and needed to drive my car. Needless to say, I don’t like to drive when there is lots of snow on the road. Usually, the street crews can keep up with cleaning the roads, but the snow was coming down to fast for that to happen.

I drove, very slowly I might add, to my first appointment. The traffic was backed up and there was a traffic jam. After the appointment, I decided to drive to the train station and park my car at a nearby grocery store that has a parking garage so that the car wouldn’t be covered with snow when I returned.

I parked the car and rode the metro to my next appointment. All of the sidewalks had several inches of snow so that it made it had to walk.

I met with my pastor, Vova, and his assistant, Pasha. We had a good time at the Christian bookstore. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and I took the metro back to the train station.

I went shopping at the grocery store (after all, I’m a Texan and when it snows in Texas we stock up in case we are never able to get out again!). The store was packed with holiday shoppers. Everyone is preparing for New Years Eve and Day, which are bigger than Christmas for them.

So, after I got my groceries and checked out, I got back in my car. A usual 15-20 minute drive took almost 45 minutes. There were several small hills I had to climb and at times I wondered if I was going to make it up them.

Finally, after parking the car in the garage, I walked home and was thankful for the Lord looking after me while driving. I have never enjoyed driving in the snow…too many possibilities for something going wrong and having no control.

However, the deep, white snow is everywhere. It is beautiful this morning. What’s interesting is the forecast…around 38 today with rain!