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Snow and cold!

My adventure to the north, northeast continues.  I am in Nashua, New Hampshire.  It snowed here a couple days before I arrived so the ground is covered with frozen white stuff!  It is also cold here and I am enjoying it!

I went to the supermarket with a friend last night and we were getting the supplies for beef stew to prepare for Sunday.  I went looking for diet Dr Pepper in the case, but there wasn’t any.  I went to the shelf and found a 12 pack of Diet DP but I didn’t need a 12 pack.  Not sure that I could ever live here due to that fact!!! 🙂  Maybe I am just too far north?!? 🙂

I am having a great time visiting with the family I used to work with in Kyiv, Ukraine.  We are sharing lots of memories of times of old.  It has been fun…

Monday I will take my first train ride in the US when I ride the train from Boston to NYC.  I am definitely looking forward to it!

Until next time…

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