So far… so good

I have had a tremendous week thus far.  I have started meeting with my English classes on Monday and Wednesday.  I have some new students and hope more will join as time goes by.

On Wednesday I met with a new Russian language teacher.  I am excited that I am able to start studying Russian again.  I hope to be able to have formal classes with my teacher twice a week.

On Tuesday and Thursday evening I have been able to play basketball again.  It is great to get some exercise.  Tonight we got to play numerous games.  Typically, we play 4 on 4 and play to 10 so that we can rotate the teams.  Tuesday I got hit right in the face with the ball and worried I would have a black eye.  Fortunately, I didn’t!

The other great news is that we have started the ball rolling on getting some remodeling done to my apartment.  I have had terrible water pressure since moving in the apt.  Plus, if my neighbors turn on their cold water while I am taking a shower, well, you know the water turns cold.

Well, it appears that they will be replacing my water pipe next week!  Yippee!  Thanks goes to my friend Max, who gave me the idea of how to solve the problem.

I have asked a friend and brother, Misha, to help with overseeing the work in the apt.   We met with the people who will put in my tile flooring and repair the tile in my bathroom.  Things are taking shape!

After the work actually begins I may not be able to use my kitchen for a couple of weeks and it is going to be very dusty here… but it will be worth it in the long run.  Please be in prayer that we can purchase all the necessary items for the remodel and that the workers will show up on time and get the work done in a timely manner.