Speaking Russian to whom?

Kazakhstan has numerous nationalities living here. Some people work and own businesses, others are planting indigenous churches, etc.

I have met some Koreans in Karaganda. They actually took care of the apartment I live in while no one connected with our mission was here. They paid the bills, etc.

They wanted to come over last night (Saturday) to bring me some goodies and so while their two sons watched cartoons we sat in the kitchen drinking tea and eating the goodies she brought.

We had a great time visiting and talking about life in Kazakhstan. After they left, I was reflecting on the scene: an American and two Koreans were sitting in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. What language do you suppose we spoke? I only know two languages and one of them poorly: English and Russian. The Koreans know of course Korean. What other language do you think they speak? Well, actually the husband is learning Kazakhi and the wife speaks…Russian.

It may not seem funny to you, but to me it was humorous.