Spring in Kazakhstan

This last week has been exciting in Karaganda. Workers have been cleaning, painting, sprucing up all over downtown in preparation for the 60th Anniversary of WW II on May 9.

This morning (Sunday) I got up and noticed a large crowd already gathering in the area around the Lenin statue. What seemed amazing to me where the beautiful purple irises that seemed to have bloomed overnight. They were simply beautiful!

I left for church before I had a chance to see what was going to take place near my apartment, but after church, there was still a large crowd. There had been some time of marathon or relay races between the different colleges and universities in Karaganda.

Near the shopping centers they have already set up the stages and stands where people will sit for the anniversary celebration on Monday. Today, several groups were performing songs and drama. It was fun to watch for a few minutes.

I am preparing to go to Almaty later this evening. While it is Mother’s Day in America, Kazakhstan has already observed women’s day in March. So, for all you mothers I hope you have/had and great day.

Spring has really sprung here and it has been quite warm recently. People are finally sowing their gardens. It has been in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s most of the week.

I was on TV here in Karaganda yesterday. How do I know? Today at church one sister told me she had seen me on the news, and then one of the cashiers where I buy stuff said she had seen me as well. So, now I guess I’ve had my 5 seconds of fame. I just hope my Russian wasn’t all that bad.