Still Cold

It’s Sunday morning and it is currently -9 Fahrenheit. It hasn’t been above zero since Thursday. That’s COLD! Of course, it still doesn’t compare to the weather I encountered last winter in Karaganda. One family wrote me recently that it was -43 there a few weeks ago. Fortunately, we haven’t experienced those temps here.

I haven’t driven my car since Thursday. It is a diesel and I don’t want to have to deal with the diesel freezing up in these temps. I will get out today so that I can try to help some families whose batteries are weak and they can’t get their cars started.

I learned in Karaganda that when the temps are this cold, you have to take the battery out and leave it in a warm place. Maybe the missy’s here need to learn the same thing! I am fortunate that I have an enclosed parking garage for my Kia Sportage so it is out of the weather! My problem is that when it is this cold, the locks on my doors don’t want to unlock! I have had to crawl through the back hatch several times already to open the back seat doors.

It is supposed to warm up above zero tomorrow. I’m waiting!!!