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Still in Kyiv

I’m still in Kyiv.  I went on a weekend trip to Zaparozhia and had a great time listening to all that the Lord taught young people last summer in Kstan.

I have been riding the metro this week and it has been crowded…to say the least.  The last two morning I have had to go to our office here and the metro station near the apartment is the last one on the line.  Well, since it is, there are lots of people getting on an off.  This morning, it reminded me of a funnel.  All those people trying to get on the escalator.  Wow, it took a while for us all to be able to get on there.

It has been snowing off and on here.  There are several inches on the ground here and it looks like more snow is to fall.  It truly is beginning to look more like Christmas…

I am scheduled to fly back to Kstan on Friday evening.  I think I am a little more than ready to fly home…

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