Still more snow…

I woke up this morning to a BIG surprise. We must have gotton around 6-7 inches or snow during the night and it snowed most of the morning. It was beautiful to see the evergreen trees ladened with snow.

I had several appointments and took buses to the places where I needed to go. For the most part, I trust my driving, however, its the other person I worry about. It’s like the time in Texas when we had ice (which if we get anything there it is usually ice, not too often snow!).

I was going home from work at the university where I attended and there was one street that trees covered most of the road and so the sun had not melted the ice. I was driving carefully when I noticed a police car trying to pull someone over.

Well, that driver hit her brakes too hard, slid and hit the front of my car, spun and hit the back of my car. After my car stopped sliding, I had a great witness to the accident. Of course, she didn’t have a license nor insurance. I was pretty upset!

So, I really don’t like to drive when the roads are slick, here or in America. I will say, that the road crews here do an incredible job in keeping the roads and sidewalks clean when we have snow like today. When I left this moring at 10 a.m. the sidewalks around my house had already been shoveled. It is great!

I got to walk to one church through the snow (as there is no sidewalk there) and so my feet where a little frosty by the time I arrived there. I know that the temps in Texas are probably warm to hot right now, but we are still in the low 30’s and upper 20’s. Winter is still hanging on!