Street Witnessing

After my rollercoaster day in Saran, I arrived back in Karaganda and parked my car at the parking lot.

I walked to the local shopping center and looked for a new wallet and as usual didn’t find anything I liked. I typically don’t buy anything right away, I like to look around at the options.

Well, my backpack was getting heavy so I decided to walk home. As I walked home I kept my head down to look for holes in the pavement. With the freshly fallen snow, I have to be careful.

I was about half-way home when a young lady walked up to me and tried handing me a tract. At first I thought she might a a Christian, but I soon found out differently.

When I saw the picture of the Bible on the front I told her that I was a follower of Jesus. She asked me what confession I was. I told her that the confession wasn’t important, what was important was my relationship with God and His Son, Jesus.

I asked her what confession she was and she told me Jehovah Witness. I asked her if she believed in God. Yes, she said. Do you believe in Jesus? Yes, she said. Then I asked her if she believed in Jesus as the crucified, buried and resurrected Son of God.

She looked at me and then said, “Thank you for your time” and she walked away. She didn’t want to speak to me any longer.

It seems that I have had that effect on women all my life…