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Summer days

I heard the familiar sound of shrieks and laughter. I really didn’t need look to see what was going on. I kind of knew what was happening. You see, the sun was up and the day was warm (almost hot… upper 80’s)… but after a long, cold winter the children earned some fun.

Most know that I live right in the center of the city of Karaganda. Outside my kitchen window stands Lenin’s statue, a holdover from the Communist era. Across the main street from Lenin’s statute is a large fountain with several pools leading down to the city park where small lake is situated.

The sounds I heard were the laughter and screaming of children relaxing in the fountain pools. They spent the whole day there. So, mid-afternoon I took a walk around the center and snapped some photos. Here are a few from the fountain area…

In the 4th photo notice the pools cascading and then there is a small lake (barely seen in the photo).

On my walk today I went through another park area and the mall. Here are some girls who seem to be bored… and then the intersection by our mall…

In the mall photo, notice the two large screens. This is a recent fad in the city and we have a number of them. Typically, they run advertisements from businesses throughout the city.

Let the summer fun begin…

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