Summer means fresh fruit and veggies!

Tis the season… for fresh fruit and vegetables!

Ukraine is considered the “bread basket” of Europe for a reason… I think you could grow anything here!  Already we have enjoyed lots of great strawberries and now cherries and apricots are in season.  Soon it will be apples.

I remember many moons ago, while living in Lugansk, I shared a story with some volunteers.  We were walking down a street lined with cherry trees.  The trees were heavy with fresh cherries.  We stopped and picked a few.  I shared with them that if the trees were on the street and not behind a fence we could eat from them.

Just as I finished my sentence, the gate opened and I was sure that the owner was going to get on to us for eating his cherries.  He was carrying a big bucket full of cherries and offered us his best cherries.  This little story reveals a lot about the hospitality of Ukrainians.

While I may not want to live in a small town in Ukraine, I sure enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labor!  Excuse me while I go eat some cherries…