Summer missions

It looks like there could be 8 or 9 students willing to serve in Kazakhstan this summer. Please pray for them as they begin to prepare.

It is exciting to see how they are responding. Most of them have never been out of Ukraine. For many of them it will be their first taste of mission work.

I hope to begin meeting with them for prayer and planning later this week. Here are some things you can pray for:
1) God to show us where they are to work, how to divide the group, what their assignments are to be.
2) For God to prepare the “soil” in Kazakhstan. For those who hear the message to be prepared to receive the message.
3) Finances. The students have begun going to churches to share about their project. Pray for the churches to respond. If the students go by train, it will take them 4 1/2 days to reach Kstan, then another 4 1/2 days back home. However, the difference between flying and riding the train is over $300.
4) I believe that God is preparing several of these students for long term missions. Pray for them to get a sense of God’s calling as they prepare for this project.

As I get their names and bios, I will share them with you so you can pray for them specifically.