Summer's not so bad…here in Kazakhstan!

It was 61 degrees when I woke up this morning. I hate to tell you that. I understand that even places in South Dakota and Minnesota have been experiences temps over 100!

We even had a day without rain yesterday. Unfortunately, it rained again today. It was a shower really and made things a little humid afterwards.

Fortunately, for our day camp that is taking place in Temirtau, we have had great weather in the morning so that we can play games outside. Yesterday, the first day, we had 23 kids by the end of the morning (we started out with 9!). Today we have almost 30 kids with several new kids to replace a few that didn’t come back today.

It’s kind of difficult to teach English with 15 kids at a time. Any way, it is fun to see them wanting to learn (at least most of them…).