Sun shining…

I got to see the sun shining yesterday. You may think that is not too exciting, but in Kiev, during the winter, you don’t see it that often. Of course, yesterday, I had to be at 30,000 feet, on a plane to see the sun. It was a costly venture, but I was happy to see it for the 1 1/2 hours that I saw it.

The weather in Kiev is cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. Any one can be a meterologist here during the winter. Same ol same ole.

The weather in Moscow is bitterly cold, about -25 celsius right now. That weather is supposed to be heading here and should arrive on Friday. We are supposed to get down to zero on Friday night. I’m glad I bought me a new coat while I was in Budapest!

I sure hope the sun shines on Saturday. It may be COLD but with the sun out it will feel warm!