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Sunday afternoons…

While on staff at Southwayside in FW, I loved to take Sunday afternoon naps. Usually, there was a group of us that would have lunch somewhere and then afterwards I would go home, turn on the Cowboys (during football season) and then take a 1-2 hour nap. During that time the Cowboys made for great snoozing!!!

Since being on the field, I have not taken naps as often. Many times I would try… I would lay down on the couch, turn on the TV and just lay there. Maybe it was because the Cowboys weren’t on!!!

Well, after my late night (up til 2 a.m.) and up early (8 a.m.), I was pretty tired this afternoon. So, after church, I came home and began reading a book that I am reading at the moment and shortly I was sleepy.

That was around 1:30 p.m. Well I woke up at 5 p.m. to the phone ringing… Wow! I cannot tell you the last time I took that long of a nap.

I know that means it may be another late night as I won’t be able to go to bed any time soon. Still, I think it was worth it…