Sunday in Temirtau

James and Julie (colleagues) assembled a small group of dedicated ministry helpers for Temirtau.  Boris, Marina and Julia travel 20 km each Sunday to go to Temirtau.  Marina and Julia lead SS classes for 2 different locations while Boris leads the worship service in one place.

I admire their willingness to give up a Sunday afternoon in order to travel there.  They are a lot of fun as well.  We are getting to know each other better each Sunday as we travel to Temirtau.

Temirtau has the unfortunate reputation for having lots of drugs and people infected with AIDS.  While I do not know that it is true, most people I come in contact with report the same story.

Bethlehem Star church has been trying to get a work started there for almost 3 years now with little  success.  Please pray for these 3 young people along with others who are working there to bring the Light of Jesus Christ to the city.