Sunshiny day

This afternoon I walked to a local bank.  On the way back I cut through a neighborhood and heard some young men playing.  I looked across a field covered in snow/ice.  There were about 10 young men (boys) playing FOOTBALL on the field.  Some of them had taken off their coats, even though it was only around 12 degrees.

I couldn’t believe them outside playing when it was so cold.  I’m sorry I didn’t have my camera to record the event.

4 thoughts on “Sunshiny day

  1. I can’t image just how cold that would be.. If it gets down to 25 degrees in NC. I am putting on all the clothes I can find. Thanks for all the interesting letters. P. Miller

  2. It was about 68 today in East Texas. I drove out and fed/talked to my cows in Ben Wheeler (Near Canton). S’posed 2 b over 70 tomorrow! Nice winter!! 10 years ago we were in Russia (acquiring two more kids) and got to see plenty of snow. -Joe Eggers

  3. Mrs. Miller, It actually “felt” warmer yesterday…
    Mark and Pam, I don’t even know how they were standing up, let alone running!
    Joe, 68! We probably won’t see that temp until May! Congrats on those kids!

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