Super Lord's Day

The past few days have been incredibly beautiful.  I was scheduled to sing at church today right before the Lord’s Supper.  I sang “Broken and Spilled Out.”  I think it was good, just the monitor was so loud that I think my voice was drowned out at times.

After singing, I went to the 9-11 year old Sunday school class (they have SS only for children and it is during the service) and spoke about being a missionary.  The guys had some good questions about hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord.

This afternoon, I drove to Temirtau.  There is a sister from our church that leads a SS class for children.  We had a really good turnout this summer, however, since school has started we have had a difficult time getting them to come.  When SS started there were only 2, then 3, by the end of class we had rounded up 6.

Please pray for these children.  There are a number of nationalities in this neighborhood, with several religious groups representative.  The children, no matter their religion, seem to enjoy coming and singing songs and participating in all the activities.