Suspicion is the new religion

In the last few months, I have grown to love a Christian group called, Switchfoot.  I’m not sure where their music is classified, Rock or Alternative, but if it is rock, it would definitely be soft rock.

Anyway, I purchased their new album while I was in Texas in September and have listened to it so often on the IPod that I may “wear” it out.  There are some great songs on the album, but one in particular seems to resonate with what I have witnessed with some stories the media are overplaying.

The song is called Selling the News.  You can listen here:   Selling the News

Consider these lyrics:

See, opinions are easier to swallow than facts
The greys instead of the whites and the blacks
If you shoot it too straight it won’t come back
We’re selling the news

Isn’t it so apparent in this life of 24/7 talking heads that we take a person’s opinion to be fact!  I loved journalism in high school and college.  I am from the old school… report the facts and nothing but the facts.  However, today the news contains so much opinion that it begins blurring the lines and one can’t tell what the facts truly are verses the person’s opinions.

Another verse says:

America listens as the story is told
With the eye on the truth as the story unfolds
But the ratings determine which story was sold
We’re selling the news

Wow.  America does listen, however, the news channels look to see what stories are selling and then they dull our senses with the sensational!  So much so, that we no longer really care about the truth.

Then they sing this verse:

Substance, oh, substance, where have you been?
You’ve been replaced by the masters of spin
Who make good looking books and write history in
We’re selling the news

This song does an excellent job in causing me to examine my own life.  It caused me to think about the words of the song and wonder where do I stand.  I must admit that it seems that I am growing more cynical the older I get and I don’t want to be cynical!

They conclude with these words:

I wanna believe you, I wanna believe
But everything I see is green
The fact is fiction

Suspicion is the new religion

Oh, how true.  We do want to believe the media with all they bring to the table.  But all too often, fact is fiction!

I really enjoy listening to this song.  There are so many subtle jabs at our hunger for the sensational.  Any yes, I am guilty.  Why else would I spend so much time reading the stories that prevalent in the news today.  All of it causes me to wonder: is the facts really just fiction.

Suspicion is the new religion…