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Post Number 900: Life, Lessons, Learning

On February 3, 2005 I began this blog.  It has seen several transformations over the years and due to that, I have probably written well over 900 posts.  However, through combining blogs, writings, deleting some, I am now officially arriving at post 900! I remember exactly why I starting writing this blog.  My supervisor at […]

Ukraine Spotlight: Tanzilya

During 2012, I hope to spotlight different people who have impacted my life in some way.  Today I would like for you to meet Tanzilya.  Tanzilya, or Tanya as some of us still call her, is an Uzbek immigrant to Ukraine. Tanzilya was around 11 years old when we met.  I was living in Lugansk […]

Day of Joy

Sunday, December 11, I was in Kiev attending a couple of services with part of our CP team.  We attended services at Grace Church, where I attended for a couple of years while living in Kiev, and her daughter church, Spirit of Life. Spirit of Life is full of young people and lots of them.  […]

3M: The Greatest of these

Another week, another wedding.  I got to the church a little late and couldn’t find a parking spot.  Cars were every where.  I knew this probably meant the church was full and it might be hard for me to find a seat. I was right! Valerie Antonuik, vice president of the Baptist Union, had been […]

Lost, then found

My father served in France and probably Germany during World War II.  Since I was born almost 20 years after the war, I never heard my father talk about his time in the war.  I have heard bits and pieces of stories, but never much. During my recent trip home, my sister gave me a […]

Weddings… Ukrainian Baptist style

Last Saturday, Sveta got married.  I got to know her this past summer as she interpreted for a couple of teams I hosted.  I knew she was bound for marriage the first day she interpreted.  She was constantly on her phone talking to her boyfriend, Zhenya. Baptist believers have several traditions during the wedding day.  […]

A letter to my mom… 4 years later

I started writing a letter to my mom near the anniversary of her death.  Here is my latest… Dear mom, I guess it is true what they say, “time really flies when you get older.”  Older is definitely what I am getting.  I cannot believe that in just a few days I will be 49, […]

A Big village

Donetsk doesn’t feel like a big city to me.  That’s why I really enjoy living here.  We don’t have the 20 or 30 something story apartment buildings like other cities of over a million.  So, I call Donetsk a big village. I have had a REALLY busy day today getting ready for the team from […]