I attended the TCU/ Utah game Saturday night.  Wow, more than 50,000 people, most of them wearing purple, cheered on their Horned Frogs.  The students seemed really up for the game.

I sat near the north endzone next to two Utah fans.  The husband started talking smack before he even sat down. As soon as the Frogs scored their first TD, he said that would be their last.  He got quieter and quieter with each TD and after halftime they left…

The game was incredible.  I really enjoyed watching the game and the people.  TCU fans are proud and deservedly so.  They deserve their #4 ranking and one Baylor friend who had seen Baylor and Texas earlier in the day and then drove to Ft Worth for the TCU game, said that TCU is better than Texas.

I will let you know after this weekend after I watch Texas vs Kansas… 🙂