Team Russellville wrap up

The Second BC, Russellville, AR team arrived back in the US last night.  I uploaded the photos that were taken during the week on Flickr this morning causing me to reflect on their impact.

During the week, after much rain and cooler temps affecting our turnout, I wondered how much one soul is worth.  I prayed for the Lord to send us at least one person that would have an interest in Christ.  By the end of the week, I believe the Lord did just that!

We Americans seem to be driven by numbers.  I remember moving to Lugansk, UA in 1994 and when I received mail (which wasn’t too often due to the lack of a good delivery system), I would often get clippings from Baptist newspapers claiming thousands saved in UA.  That scene played out often during the three years I lived in Lugansk.

For the most part, those days are past.  Mass evangelism events in Ukraine are poorly attended.  Many churches are now focusing on neighborhoods instead of city wide events.  These do seem to be more beneficial in spreading the Gospel, but tend to be more labor intensive since you are focusing on a smaller territory and having to have more events in order to reach the same number of people.

Gethsemane church decided to focus on an area near the church.  So, several of the young adults in the church gathered to form a small team that would organize the sports camp.  They did much of the work and I offered suggestions when needed.  Yuri led the group and did a super job!

Team Russellville provided the expertise in teaching baseball and Ultimate Frisbee.  I will say that I was amazed at how well the young kids took to the game.  On Wednesday, several young ladies showed up and wanted to learn.  They, too, did a great job of learning the game.  A side note: I called one young man, Dima, today to see how he was feeling.  He was sick on Sunday.  He informed me that he had talked his dad into buying him a glove and bat!

I am grateful for SBCR returning for a second year.  They truly had an impact in the lives of many young people this week.  Thanks Jonathan, Hanna, Hannah, Nicole, Sandra and Mike for impacting Donetsk!