Teams can make a difference!

Several months ago, I received an email from a university in FL about an interest in bringing a team to UA.  I shared the idea with the team here and we immediately mapped out a plan for them.  A few days later they wrote and said the flight to UA was too much and they wouldn’t be coming.

While I was somewhat dejected, I still had faith.

The day I flew to Antalya, Turkey in March, I received an email about a team whose plans had changed due to the Japanese earthquake.  They were looking for somewhere to plug in.  I immediately wrote the necessary people to let them know my interest.  They asked for a plan, which I already had because our team had already put together a plan together the month before.

They decided to come join us and I knew that it was going to be difficult to get everything in place, but it happened.  We had seven weeks from the time I returned from Turkey to their arrival.  God has a way of putting things into place.  I didn’t have all the universities lined up until the day the team arrived!

The team did an outstanding job.  They spoke in 10 time periods at one university, 6 in another, 3 in another and 1 in a fourth university.  The students at the main university across the street were pleading with their professors the last day to sit in one more session!  The last two sessions had over 75 students in each session!

Sunday afternoon we had a photo scavenger hunt planned.  Almost 40 people showed up.  After the hunt, we invited them back to my apartment for pizza and games.  Some of them stayed at my apartment until 8:30 that evening!

This group did an outstanding job, never tired and were willing to do whatever they could to help.  I appreciate their hard work and their efforts made an impact in Donetsk!

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  1. Joe, how wonderful. I love university students and their hearts wide opened to hear. “May the eyes of their hearts be enlightened.” Praying this is only the beginning for God to work in their lives.

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