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Texas got ripped…

Well, I just read the news that I feared.  I figured that the computers would place OU over Texas in the BCS.  Texas defeated both OU and Mizzou.  I guess that counts for nothing.  Now, Texas can only hope for an Mizzou upset of OU and then wait and see what happens with the Alabama- Florida game.

I bet that the Big 12 will fix this problem so that it doesn’t happen again.  This is a travesty…


  1. In OU’s defense:
    – strength of schedule
    – point differential
    – OU beat the team that beat Texas

  2. Douglas,
    As a Kansas boy I am disappointed that you would try to defend the sooners.
    Can’t really dispute the schedule this year… however, Texas played 4 top 11 teams back to back… no one has ever done this… Texas’ lost came on the road in Lubbock… should have been a blow out, however, Texas (and McCoy) came back and almost won…
    Point differential: In the last 3 games, OU “ran” up the score on their opponents; Texas pulled their quarterback (and others) in the 4th qtr of the A&M game;
    Texas beat OU on a neutral field… TT won at home, as did OU…
    We need a playoff system…

  3. Due to $$$ we’ll never get a playoff system, unfortunately. My wife is from OK and her parents live in Norman….need I say more. I went to Wichita State University and we don’t have a football team. Speaking of “no one has ever done this”….OU had five (5) games where they scored over 60 points this season and no college football team has ever done that. OU stomped the team that beat Texas.

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