Texas responds to Katrina!

If flying home wasn’t enough, I got up early on Friday and flew to Houston. First Baptist Church, Houston has a ministry called, “Macedonian Call” that provides cars to missionaries. I had arranged to use one during my trip home.

So, I got on a Southwest Airline’s flight and got to Houston. A young mission’s intern, Brandon met me at the airport and took me to the church. As it turned out, the mission’s office was in the throws of organizing the feeding of evacuees from New Orleans.

The city of Houston has agreed to accept up to 25,000 evacuees in the Astrodome. As well, San Antonio and Dallas have agreed to each take 25,000.

So, after I got the car, I turned on the radio and listened to one of my favorite Christian radio stations, KSBJ in Houston. It is a non-profit station that is one of the best! They are extremely community oriented. They had people at the Astrodome, pleading with Christians to donate their time, money, clothing.

I listened to the announcer speak to a few of the evacuees and their situations. It was heart wrenching. The devastation is unbelievable. Pray for those in the Gulf region.