Well, I made it to the great state of Texas and it’s not too hot here, yet. Of course, I realize that it is only mid-April.

I sat next to an Infantry guy stationed in Germany on the long flight. He was hoping a a beautiful single woman and he was stuck with me. It was interesting speaking to him. He was taking a two week vacation before going to Iraq. He’s been there before.

Anyway, I told him that I would be praying for him. His name is Alex.

I had a doctor’s appointment, and he didn’t give me much hope that the ringing would ever go away. We are going to try a nasal steroid to see if it will help. I must say that I am genuinely disappointed.

I had dinner in a delightful restaurant in downtown Fort Worth last night and the company was even more delightful.

I am driving to Wichita Falls today. Please pray for all to go well.