Text messages and calls

I had text messaged my friend, Alibek (see previous blog), several times during the last few weeks. I wasn’t sure that he was receiving any of them. Finally, yesterday I received a text message from him.

So, I tried to call his cell phone, but for some reason it didn’t work. So I texted him back and asked for a land line number and so he sent it to me.

I called him and we were finally able to talk. Before I left Kstan, I had tried to call him several times to no avail so it was good to finally speak to him.

If you remember, I met Alibek on a bus on a trip from Astana to Karaganda. It was so unusual (to some people) that out of a bus load of people, Alibek sat next to me. He was probably the only other person on the bus besides me that spoke English.

I shared with him at the time that I did not believe it was an accident that we sat together. After that, we spoke several times by phone and send text messages by cell phones.

I told him that I would be in Kstan this fall and that we had to visit. I have invited him to Karaganda when I am there this fall, but he has also invited me to visit him in Zhezgazgan.

It’s great that we have this technology (computers, internet, cell phones, text messaging) in order to keep the miles a little shorter. I look forward to seeing Alibek soon. Please remember him…