Thanks for praying

Obviously, someone has been praying for me. THANK YOU. Today, I was driving home from Saran (about 20 km from Karaganda). I was talking on the phone, not going fast in city traffic. I looked up and there was a black Mercedes turning right and had stopped for pedestrian traffic. Well, I quickly turned left without looking, slammed on the brakes and squeaked by the Mercedes, without hitting the other Mercedes in the left lane.

My heart was pounding for 20 minutes after this brush. I can only think that God’s angels guided my car around one car without hitting another. Thank you for praying for my safety. Now, I need to learn not to talk on my cell phone while driving (especially in a standard auto)…

5 thoughts on “Thanks for praying

  1. Hey Joe -I just discovered your blogsite. It’s great. Gives me up to date info to share with my church and women’s group. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those angels probably have squashed wings!!! Giving thanks that you are okay!

    Talking on your cell phone here costs you 250 pln (about $100), as I was told by the policeman who yelled at me when I was stopped at a traffic light and talking on mine to someone at home. Needless to say, I hung up!

    Try one of those little ear pieces.

  3. I have one of those little ear pieces. Learned that from my buddy, Brad Atkins, in Kyiv. However, I haven’t unpacked it yet (haven’t found it!). Also, I usually don’t make it a habit to talk on the phone while driving in the city.
    Yesterday scared me pretty good. I’m going to try to do better next time and pull over.
    I guess with you living in the EU, they have already passed laws against driving and talking on the cell phone. So far, we don’t have anything like that…

  4. Heather- You are probably right. However, I hate it that we have to “police” ourselves into laws and more laws. I do understand it though.

    Judy- Please tell others about the site!

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