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The cold has arrived…

Since returning to Donetsk on January 5, it was been freezing or below with snow on the ground.  I think it has been a little strange as we have more snow and it is colder in Donetsk than the capital city, Kiev,  which is more north.

The last few days have seen the temperatures drop considerably at night.  The daytime temps are cool as well.  Just today, I was out trying to pay bills and noticed the cold.  However, I remember the long winter in Kazakhstan with temps dropping to -35.  I have become a wimp as the temp was in the 20’s today and I thought it was cold.

The forecast calls for the temps to moderate some in the coming days.  I have heard that February is the month with the coldest temps and most snow.  Last February saw lots of snow according to locals.  So, we still have much to look forward to!

This past Monday, a young brother commented how disappointed he was in the lack of snow here.  We have some snow and have gotten a couple of more inches this week, yet he was wanting more.

It’s funny how songs get stuck in your head… a couple of years ago I purchased a Christmas CD with lots of classics.  One such classic is “Babe, it’s cold outside.”  Well, now, whenever I go outside and its cold, that song hits me and I start singing.  All I’m missing is the fireplace…

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