The Djoker of Tennis

I have never been a “HUGE” fan of tennis. I watched Samprass, Agassi, McEnroe some growing older. Then I really liked the Williams sisters and Roddick, but Roddick has never been able to climb to the top like the Williams sisters. However, their dad’s behavior caused me to lose interest in them.

A few months ago, a friend sent me a youtube clip of a Serbian player named Novak Djokovic. He was doing imitations of other players. The clip is extremely funny. You find the clip at here.  I found there are lots of clips of the guy impersonating other players, male and female.

I watched the Australian Open final Sunday between him and a Frenchman, Tsonga. It was a great match. I really have grown to like the “Djoker” as some call him. He seems down to earth and hopefully, he won’t let the fame go to his head. I have noticed that many tennis players seem this way. I wish other sports figures acted this way…

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  1. My daughter is an avid tennis player – she was very good in high school days but did not play in college. She plays many leagues in Houston area and has gone to state but never nationals. She is ranked 4.0 now but they had her at 4.5 for a few years – she asked to be dropped back. I will have to tell her about this video not sure if she has seen it but probably has. My son plays tennis too in fact he went to state his senior year in high school and also played college tennis. It is a great sport to enjoy thoughout life but I never was very good at it!

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