The Heat Is On!

October 15 is usually the big day in homes across the former Soviet Union. It is the day that most people have the heat turned on their apartments.

In most homes, apartments are heated by a central plant that heats water and then it is distributed to homes via water pipes. Then each apartment usually has a large radiator in front of each window in the apartment that is connected to the heating system.

It works efficiently and as long as there is not an extremely large cold front that moves through the area early, it stays warm enough in the apartments until October 15. This year was not especially cold, but during the last week, rain finally moved into the area, so it had been getting down to 64 in my apartment at night.

With a warm blanket on the bed, it is no big deal.

Now, people mark April 15 as the next highlight on the calendar. That is generally when the heat is turned off and we can begin thinking about the upcoming summer. Are we creatures of habit?