The Hum

In late July 2014, about 10 days after the fighting ended in Slavyansk, a colleague, a couple of friends and I drove there.  We were on a “fact-finding trip” to see what help we might offer in the area.

As we were driving down one of the highways, I noticed this humming sound.  At first, it startled me and I thought something was wrong with my vehicle. I started to pull over and then we realized it was coming from the tank tracks on the asphalt.

Since then, every time I drive through an area that saw fighting, I have grown “accustomed” to hearing this noise.  On each trip I have made from Dnipro to Severodonetsk, or from Kharkov to Izyum, that noise greets me.

On Monday, I drove from Kharkov, through Izyum, to Slavyansk.  However, I realized at one point that the noise wasn’t as prominent as it had been.  This was due to the fact that the government is resurfacing many of the roads and highways in the area.

While I am very happy that new asphalt means a smoother ride (at least for a year or two!), I kind of missed the hum due to the tanks that had traveled the road.  You see, I had gotten used to the noise being part of the journey.  And I kind of missed it now.

How often does this happen in other areas of our lives?  How often do I have “noises” that alert me to danger and I ignore them?  I need to be alert at all times for those noises.  God has placed them there for a reason.