The largest market in Ukraine, no small opportunity…

I was told that Khmelnitskiy, in western Ukraine, has the largest market in Ukraine with the best selection and prices. So, since I was going to be there, I decided to take the trip there.

Most markets are closed on Monday, but I was told this one was opened all the time. Well, when Melody and I arrived, it was open but many of the vendors were closed.

That did not deter us. I was determined to check out the rugs to see if I could find one for my living room. I have needed a rug since I moved into the apartment over 1 1/2 years ago.

Well, it really didn’t take long to find the rugs and so I found one that I liked and began discussing size, cost, etc. There were 3 young men there and so I began speaking to them. We looked at several they had but there was one I really liked.

They told me that they had the best prices and even suggested that I go and look around the market. After looking at several other kiosks we returned.

After discussing price again, I decided to purchase two rugs (the price was really right!). While we were waiting, Sergei asked me what I did in Kiev. So I began by telling him that I was a Christian. He said that the three of them were Christian as well.

So, that gave me the opportunity to ask him why he thought he was a Christian. He could never give me a biblical reason why he was a Christian. I tried to explain to him that Jesus did not come so that we could “think” we were Christian, but that He came so that we might “know” Him.

I asked him if he had ever repented of his sins. He told me that he wanted to have a good life full of fun and that when he died he would ask for forgiveness. I told him that it would be too late.

I asked him if he believed that Jesus was God’s Son. He agreed that He is, but he kept telling me that God was much, much higher than Jesus. We kept getting interrupted and I never got to finish. So, I planted a few seeds I hope and someone will come along and water and nurture the field.

Pray for Sergei and Vadim. I gave them a New Testament and asked them to read it. Pray for their eyes and hearts to be opened to the truth of God’s Word.

I don’t know that I will ever see them again, but if I am ever in Khmelnitskiy again, be assured that I am going to return to the largest market in Ukraine looking for another opportunity to share with Sergei and Vadim.