The Life of a Displaced Person

There are more than 500,000 people reported displaced due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. I believe this number to be much higher.

The last 2 days some friends from Lugansk have been staying with me while they look for an apartment in Dnipropetrovsk. Today, they moved to a local church that offered them a room until they can find an apartment.

Her husband was at work this afternoon and so she called and asked if I could take her to look at a couple of apartments. The first apartment was clean and roomy, but wasn’t really in a good neighborhood. So, I took her to the next apartment. When we arrived, there were already 2 prospective couples waiting to get in to see the apartment.

While we were waiting, two other groups of people arrived, but seeing the line, they turned and left. After waiting a while, the agent she is working with, worked his way into the building and found out that the people who were in the apt had already decided to rent it.

So, everyone left disappointed except for the people who arrived first.

Earlier, when I picked up Alona, I met some folks from the church that I have known for a few years. Sveta informed me that the church was almost full and more people were arriving on Wednesday. This scene is being repeated all over the country right now.

My heart broke for Alona. She was having to make a decision on the spur of the moment about the first apt, hoping that she made the right decision.