The past week!

I am still in Prague. Our time here has been spent in seminars and various meetings concerning planting churches and being strategic in planning. It has been very profitable.

Our schedule is typically from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We don’t have internet in the hotel where we are staying, so there are days that I stay in our office till 6 p.m. just to catch up. It is tiring living in a hotel for 3 weeks. I am ready to go home and sleep in my bed, shower in my shower, and eat in my kitchen.

Last Saturday, I went with some other folks across the border into Germany. We went to Dresden to go to the Wal-Mart and eat at Burger King (Prague doesn’t have a Burger King!). Well, we drove through town, and it was a beautiful city. It is situated on a river and there are some old buildings that must have not been destroyed during the war.

We visited some old places in the town that was quite delightful. I really enjoyed my time (however short it was!). We drove through the mountains and I saw snow that must have been 3-4 feet deep. WOW! We stopped at the border between Czech Republic and Germany and played in the snow for a few minutes. However, it was COLD there!

On Sunday, after church, I walked to the Charles Bridge in Prague to buy a picture to put up in my living room. It was warm and sunny, so there were LOTS of people out walking. I walked up to the top of the tower and took some spectacular photos. It was a relaxing day.

Thanks for praying.