The Spirit of the Lord

The first Sunday of each month Baptist churches in Ukraine (and much of the former Soviet Union) celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Today, Gethsemane Church observed the Supper during their morning service that I attended.

Let me explain to you what I witnessed.  First, one of the pastor’s preached.  It was one of the most evangelical messages I have heard in a very long time.  He opened the church up to a time of repentance.  While he was talking, the main pastor knew that one young man, around 12 years old wanted to repent, so he went into the congregation to get him.

It was a very moving experience for me to witness this pastor get on his knees and put his arm around this young man while he prayed.  Several adults came down from the choir to congratulate the young man.  A couple came from the congregation and I thought they wanted to congratulate him as well.

Soon the pastor explained they wanted to repent, so they were asked to get on their knees (it is customary here) and pray.  Afterward, the pastors prayed over them.  They continued to ask for those who wanted to repent, then two young ladies around 13-14 come forward.  They prayed.

There was an older couple in their late 60’s standing near the front row and the man told the pastor he wanted to repent.  Eventually the pastor asked the woman if she wanted to repent and she came forward as well.  So, all in total, there were 7 people in this traditional church who repented and this was in the first hour of the service and before we observed the Lord’s Supper.

Another blessing was the choir.  Wow, they were prepared with all the songs they shared during the service.  They ended the service with my favorite anthem, “At the name of Jesus.”

I know that there are times when people are critical of traditional churches and their ways.  God convicted me today that I was blessed by what I witnessed today and not to have a critical spirit as He is still the head of the church.  Lord, thank You for the blessings I received today.

At the name of Jesus, at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow in heaven and earth!  That every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes just reading about it! So thankful you were there to experience the move of the Lord!

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