The way to go…

So, I arrived at the international terminal at DFW Sunday afternoon.  This had to be the harded departure I have endured thus far.  The family was much more emotional in their goodbyes than in previous times.

I knew that some of my frequent flyer miles for Lufthansa were set to expire at the end of the year, so I asked the attendant how many miles it would take for me to upgrade.  He told me and so I decided to upgrade to business class.  It is the first time I have sat in business class on a long haul flight.  Boy, was it great!  It is definitely the way to go.

For the first time in many of flights, I actually slept.  All together, probably close to 5 hours!  I feel so much better than usual.  The food was great, the service spectacular, having my own monitor so that I could watch what I wanted… then the seat lays almost flat for a great rest.  WOW!

In a few hours I will be flying on to Astana where I will spend the night and then drive to Karaganda on Tuesday.  Very cold weather is waiting me… it is currently 25 degrees there with a low tonigt of 3.  Welcome back to Kstan!