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They say that spring is here…

According to the Russian calendar, spring begins on March 1. We have had a lot of snow since that day, however. It snowed again yesterday. I went to town, got my ticket to go to Kazakhstan, then went to one of our larger markets. By the time I arrived there, the snow was coming down pretty heavy.

By the time I got home, we already had several inches on the ground. Spring, when does it arrive again?

The temperature was rising before I went to bed and I could hear the snow falling from the balconies above me. Today the temps were above freezing and many guys were out washing their cars. The kids in my neighborhood were at the soccer field that they iced over back in January and were skating around, having snowball fights. It was great to watch them.

They know that winter will really be over soon. So do I. What was interesting for me was to see that our temps in Kiev were lower than in Karaganda where I am heading next week.

As I look out over the beautiful snow covered ground, I wait for the snow to melt, the grass to turn green and for the sun to shine. Then I really will know that it is spring and winter has gone for another year…

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