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Thoughts of home…

I received an email from my mom’s pastor.  My oldest sister had been trying to call me to let me know that they had taken my mom to the ER on Thursday a.m.

Of course, reading the email caused me to wonder what was going on and gave me some restless moments as I tried to reach them.  I finally was able to reach my sister on her cell.

Seems that my mom has pneumonia really bad and will be spending some time in the hospital.  She is very weak and continues to lose weight.  Thanks for remembering her…


  1. I’m praying for your Mom, buddy… I know how hard it is to concentrate on anything else when a loved one is sick. God bless.

  2. Thanks Steve… The busy”ness” I find myself in the midst of right now helps.

  3. Being far away makes times like these difficult. We’ll keep you and your mom in our prayers.

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