Time consumed

I purchased a new water heater today.  In my case, that means a device that hangs on the wall and heats the water as it flows through the device, supposedly, 13 liters a minute.

About 1 1/2 years ago, Ukraine changed the laws concerning the installation of these devices and so, after purchasing the device, I went home and made copies of all the documents and then headed to the city gas company office.  Fortunately, the office is not too far from my home and I eventually found it, only to be told that the particular office I needed was not accepting documents for the rest of the day and that I would need to return on Wednesday.

So, that means that tomorrow I will need to return to the office and at this point I have no idea how time consuming the process will be or even when the gas company will come to install the water heater.  After they complete the installation, I will need to contact the company where I bought the device and they will come to ensure it was done correctly so that my warranty will be intact.Hopefully, all of this will be done before I return to the US in one month!  Check back for the answer!