To sign and forward…that is the question!

I usually don’t complain on my website. This site is here to let people back in the US know how to pray for me and those I come in contact with. It is also just to let you know a little what life is like in a “foreign country.”

Being in a different country means that we don’t always have great internet connection, or if we do, it is not unlimited like it is with most US internet providers. In Ukraine nor Kstan do we have an internet provider that has unlimited usage. In Kyiv I pay by the byte and in Kstan I pay by the minute.

That being said, yesterday I sent out an email asking people to refrain from sending me large files or “unnecessary” (read: JUNK) emails. After I sent it out, later that night and this morning I got several “junk” emails. One asking me to sign a petition asking government officials to stop illegal immigrants.

Do the people who forward these things really think this type of “petition” is going to help? Does it help them feel better? To me it seems that this type of email will never work. It just has a persons name and sometimes their city. I could sit at my computer, use Google addresses and copy and paste to my heart’s content and forge a “petition” and then send it on for that matter.

What really gets me is the way they try to play on one’s emotions, especially Christians. At times it seems like we are gullible and vunerable for this type of email.

SNOPES.COM exists to expose most junk email. However, these types of petitions don’t usually make their lists and probably shouldn’t. These types of petitions, to me, are utterly useless.

If you really want to voice your opinions, I really think there are more constructive ways to do that: email all your representatives, local, state and federal. Write emails to them. Call their offices. I have found this to be much more productive.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion about this. We now return to regularly scheduled postings…