Too bad

Been out of internet connection since last Saturday.  I got to watch much of the football game between LSU and Ohio State.  OSU was not prepared, just like last year.  Where do they need to get motivation???

I am sad that a 2 loss team is the national champion.  Don’t get me wrong, LSU is a great school and probably deserving.  The issue here is that if there was a playoff system, this discussion wouldn’t be happening!

I love the bowl games.  There must be a way to play some of them (all of them??) in order to get a real national championship.  What about Missouri?  They lost one game all season.  They play in the Big 12 which is no slouch of a league.

The SEC is probably the best league overall.  However, I think the Big 12 and Big Ten leagues can’t be far behind.  If the Big 12 could get rid of Baylor and ISU, this would increase their strength.  (My apologies to all you Baylorites and ISU grads…)

Well, football season is over with until August.  Guess I will now fill my time watching some college basketball…

6 thoughts on “Too bad

  1. Mike,
    They don’t show NFL games here due to the NFL…
    I would love to see some Cowboys football… bring on the Giants…

  2. Frank,
    I knew that I would upset some Baylorites. I hope that the new coach will make a difference. I really want them to do well in football, however, history is not on their side…

  3. Well, one of those losses was to yes, the WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!! go Cats.
    Our Colts lost yesterday so we are now out of the playoffs. It was a sad day. Go Packers!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mel-
    I’m sure you enjoyed your time with the peeps. They looked great when we had dinner. BTW, your dad and I call each other dad and son. It drives your mom…!! It is fun to see her reaction. Your parents are the greatest!
    Colts and Cowboys… Romo is so immature to think a trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson in okay during the bye week.

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